As per Wiktionary, the definition of "upvote" is the following

To vote for, increasing a cumulative tally of popularity.

Note that the phrase "a cumulative increase" in the above definition emphasizes/ denotes a "quantitive" change.

I was searching for synonyms for upvote and these are the closest alternative words/ phrases -

approve; agree

However, I believe that these words do not indicate a "quantifiable" increase

My question is the following -

Are there single word alternatives that incorporate the "quantitative/ cumulative increase" aspect of the word "upvote"

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The closest I can think of (to verb form of upvote) is endorse - the higher the number of individuals endorsing something, the higher is its popularity in the target group of people; each individual endorsement is equivalent to an upvote that way.


endorse (US indorse) VERB

1 Declare one's public approval or support of

‘Some top judges have endorsed our product and this shows that some of the best food in the country comes from just down the road!’

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