Watching a parody on Sesame Street, episode 'True Mud (A True Blood Parody)', I got confused.
Bill comes in a cafe and says that he wants mud. Other customers think he is a grouch, because he loves mud. Why do they think so? Why must a grouch love MUD? A grouch is an ill-tempered person. I can't understand. Is it an idiom?

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    if it is a parody of a fiction, set in a different fiction, it is possible that the only logic is internal to the parody itself. However, assuming that the parallel is 'someone must be a vampire if they want blood', then it may also be riffing on such references as Mud-bloods in Harry Potter and grouchy people eating worms bussongs.com/songs/nobody-likes-me-worms.php – Spagirl Jan 4 '17 at 14:17

In Sesame Street, Oscar the Grouch famously loves trash and all things dirty. His pet Slimey is in a group called Earth, Rain and Mud, which performs a song about sounding out the word mud.

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    I'm ready, I have enough time ) – Andorian Jan 4 '17 at 14:31

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