In Merriam–Webster, the definition of understand is as follows:

to get the meaning of something / to grasp the meaning of something.

Now my questions are regarding a sentence like:

I don’t understand your instructions.

  1. Is it grammatically correct if I rewrite this sentence with present simple, using get and grasp instead of understand?

    I don't get the meaning of your instructions.

    I don't grasp the meaning of your instructions.

  2. Do these sentences express the same meaning?

  3. I know understand is a stative verb but are get and grasp stative or dynamic verbs here? Would the sentence mean the same, if I used present continuous:

    I don’t understand your instructions?

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"I am not getting the meaning of your instructions" - no one would ever really say this, it would be, "I don't get your instructions."

Or even, "I don't get what you mean, these instructions make no sense." So I would say get is a stative verb here.

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