My team leader asked me the following question. I got confused about what to reply.

Can anyone help me on what it exactly means?

Do you have few mins for quick sync-up?

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    Do you have a few minutes to meet me and bring me up to date? ("Sync-up" means to talk to each other and "synchronize" information.) – Hot Licks Dec 26 '16 at 3:49

Sync up or synch upTFD

verb To coordinate something with something else so that they operate at the same rate and in correspondence with each other:

Here, your Team Lead would like to know if you have time to meet with him/her and discuss about a particular matter (or exchange information, i.e. sync up).


Never heard of that before, it does make sense, but it sounds like something a Cylon would say. Do you have time to "catch up" is more appropriate.


In computer and network science, when 2 computers' files are synchronized, they both have the exact same files. Sync-up is similar to that.

Your team leader wanted you to report what you've done since last meeting. He would also tell you his ideas, so your information is synchronized!

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