While reading Scott Aaronson's Quantum Computing Since Democritus, I came across this passage:

But what if you want to apply quantum mechanics to the whole universe, including yourself? The answer, in the epistemic-type interpretations, is simply that you don’t ask that sort of question! Incidentally, that was Bohr’s all-time favorite philosophical move, his WWF piledriver: “You’re not allowed to ask such a question!”

While I can mostly infer what is meant here from context, to what does 'WWF piledriver' refer in this paragraph?

(Searching the web suggests something wrestling-related, but very little other than that, and there seems to be no pro-wrestling SE.)


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WWF was the former abbreviated name for what is now known as WWE, or World Wrestling Entertainment - they lost a trademark lawsuit against the World Wildlife Fund, known as WWF in the U.K., and changed their name.

A piledriver is a wrestling move which often finish off an opponent in a bout: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piledriver_(professional_wrestling)

So this was Bohr's 'finishing move'

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