I vaguely remember using a verb that meant "to look for meaning in something that lacks meaning or has none".

I can't remember what the specific word is, but I do remember using it to suggest my English teacher's career was a pointless waste. She was not happy. :)

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  • Nothing specific to meaning, but more generically: futile, fruitless, and synonyms. But if you find it, let me know, as I'll edit it into this answer and any future ones attempting to interpret PoMo gibberish. – Dan Bron Dec 14 '16 at 13:14

Split into two answers as my rep is not yet high enough to post more than two links.

Read into?


Continued below.


Justify? See definition 5.


Interestingly enough, I feel like I'm reading too much into this question in my rationalized over-analysis. But perhaps this is just my justification for posting so many links.

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