I'm looking for a word for someone with personality traits that oppose each other. Not someone two-faced but more like someone who is two sides of a coin but a the same time; like shy but outgoing, dominant but submissive, selfish but generous, or vain but hates them self. A walking-talking oxymoron but that's not the word I'm looking for either. It was used by a teacher to describe me but I cannot remember it.

Its either adj or n but I cant quite remember the context; something like:

You have a very insert word personality, or
Your conflicting personality makes you a insert word.


You might say that the person is complex, or complicated.

This characterization is often used in situations where a person exhibits contradictory tendencies.

Urban Dictionary even has an entry for complicated:

When your emotions are constantly in conflict with each other, and you just want to escape the world.

Urban Dictionary

That said, these words are also used to describe a person who has a deep or nuanced personality, so they may be a bit more general than what you're after.




Your second example 'Your conflicting personality makes you a...' provides the clue; conflicted works as an adjective.

From the Oxford Living Dictionary:

as adjective conflicted:
Having or showing confused and mutually inconsistent feelings.
‘he remains a little conflicted about Marlene’

So as in your first example:

You have a very conflicted personality.


is it enigmatic, by any chance?

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    This would be improved by including a dictionary reference to your chosen word and an explanation as to why you chose it. Feb 6 '20 at 6:27

Were you looking for diametrically opposing?

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    This could be a good answer if it had more content - like an explanation, an example, even a citation. Please take the tour.
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Maybe self-contradictory?

EDIT - My initial answer was the following, but I realise that this is incorrect:

Dare I say schizophrenic fits the bill - i.e. split personality? I think this not exactly what you are looking for, but it's pretty close.

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    Just FYI, schizophrenic does not mean "split personality", though the Greek etymology would suggest it does. No, the word simply means "unable to determine what is real". The term for split personality is the disappointingly straightforward "multiple personality disorder".
    – Dan Bron
    Dec 14 '16 at 13:27
  • Shows I should have checked first. Thanks for enlightening me.
    – asoundmove
    Dec 14 '16 at 13:29
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