I'm looking for common phrases similar to "What would you do?" I'd like any phrase that signifies the call to action to make a difficult hypothetical decision. For example, "Take your pick" is a possible answer because it is a common phrase, but it doesn't work that well in context of making a difficult decision so it wouldn't work.

I know this is a really specific request, but ideally the phrase really captures the essence of difficult hypothetical decision, perhaps an ethical dilemma.
E.g. "Would you prefer a slow and mildly painful death, or a quick and very painful one? WHAT WOULD YOU DO?" (replacing what would you do with something else)

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    I've always been fond of shouting, "QUICKLY! THERE ARE MILLIONS OF LIVES AT STAKE!" Especially when the hypothetical situation I'm presenting is actually far more trivial than that.
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    @SampleJACK I was just wondering which answer you would accept because I wanted to know whether my answer was complete or not, since you have (grudgingly) admitted it was thorough, so I guess I don't need to further edit it. As for the threat; go ahead and report it for all I care... Commented Aug 12, 2011 at 9:42

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"The ball is in your court", "It's time to decide/choose.", "It's time to make your decision/choice", "It's up to you.",

In any case, I'd follow with a pregnant pause, heh.


There are a lot of phrases that can be used although the context may slightly vary.

1- What would you prefer?

2- What would your decision be?

3- I ask you the same question

4- What is your advice?

5- What would be your choice?

6- What is preferable to you?

7- The decision stands with you.

8- The decision is up to you.

9- It depends on your choice.

10- It depends on your decision

11- What would you advise?

12- What if you were in my place?

13- What would your answer be?

14- Why don't you decide for yourself?

15- Why ask me? Decide yourself.

16- The decision is with you.


Some come to mind:

Make your decision.
Choose for yourself.


Would you prefer a slow and mildly painful death, or a quick and very painful one? Choose for yourself.

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