I've been asked "Shall we chat then?".

The automatic affirmative answer that I would give is "Yes, let's." But in this case, the email conversation is a bit more formal, and I feel my go-to answer would be a bit too informal in the emails' context. (An alternative "Yes, please" that works for most "shall we" questions is also rather an unfitting reply in this case, I think.)

Is there a (bit) more formal way to say "yes" in response to a "shall we" (without sounding like a mock reply, such as "Yes, we shall")?

Help, please!

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    Let's do that would fit nicely, since in combines a common response with the first person plural (we and us) used it the question. – BladorthinTheGrey Dec 8 '16 at 22:51

I think Yes, let's is a perfectly good answer here (that is, I don't believe it is any less "formal" than the use of the word "shall" by the questioner).

But, to avoid using that phrase, I think something like Absolutely would work (though it is a bit emphatic). You could also say That would be great or I would like that if the affirmative answer depends at all on your own opinion of the idea of chatting.

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