I have been studying misspellings of the names of medicines (e.g. asprin, parasetamol) and have classified the different types as follows:

  1. substitutions (e.g. gentamycin for gentamicin);
  2. additions (e.g. gentamicine);
  3. omissions (e.g. amitriptylin for amitriptyline);
  4. duplications (specific types of additions) (e.g. amitriptylline);
  5. deduplications (specific types of omissions) (e.g. manose for mannose);
  6. transpositions (i.e. metatheses; e.g. filgastrim for filgrastim);
  7. combinations of these (e.g. gentamycine).

This is important when carrying out systematic reviews of published data, since failing to search for misspellings will result in missing data. Are there any other types?

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