I am currently looking for words that mean, "To nullify an event or call, by ignoring the event or call, until the event or call has passed". I know Pocket-veto fits the bill (I apologize in advance for this pun), however I'm looking for a more informal word, as I can best describe it. Thanks.


In US English, you can use to table

Postpone consideration of:

I'd like the issue to be tabled for the next few months

(Oxford dictionary)

By tabling a bill, either literally or figuratively, the president effectively pocket vetoes it if it's less than ten days before Congress adjourns.

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    Be aware, in Australian English (not sure about British) this means the exact opposite, to table an issue means to discuss it right now. I assume the interpretation stems from putting sth on the table. I learned this the hard way... ;) – falstro Dec 1 '16 at 9:25

If you want very informal:

blow off

to ignore, evade, or treat as unimportant ("I mentioned his insulting remark, and he just blew the whole thing off"); to not go to or participate in ("He blew off his first-period class three times that week"); to fail to meet (someone) as planned without alerting the person beforehand ("I waited 20 minutes before I realized my sister had blown me off").



Perhaps this, which implies that missing the opportunity is not intentional:

miss the boat - (informal) to lose an opportunity to do something by being slow to act

If there is full intent, you might just pass on it, or take a pass on it.

pass on something - to refuse an opportunity

(Cambridge Dictionary)

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