I'm following a discussion on a public forum and, one of the users replied the following:

Hmmm....I honestly never dealt with large arrays like that. Can you post a screen grab of what you typically do? Even if it's just a bogus example (to avoid IP issues).

What does to avoid IP issues mean in this sentence? I can only find references to IP as in IP-adress.

The discussion is about large arrays in Autodesk Inventor (drafting package).

  • IP = Intellectual Property. – Mick Nov 28 '16 at 14:04
  • They mean to remove anything from the data that is covered by some intellectual property, such as a patent, copyright, trademark or trade secret. Anything you do for your employer with data is typically considered at least a trade secret. It's also possibly a violation of your terms of service with your customers to publish their data on the internet. Even if none of this is the case, it's prudent to use fake data. – jimm101 Nov 29 '16 at 1:04

In this case IP stands for intellectual property.

The person is asking for a screenshot, but it may not be possible to post one online because the content may be copyrighted, or owned by someone other than the user in the forum.

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