My teacher wrote on the board: "My ability to overthink is what defines me, as me."

He asked us to correct the sentence

So my correction was, "My ability to overthink is what defines me." I feel as though my correction is missing something. If it is missing something, what should I add-on or change or fix?

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    I would have simply removed the comma. – Hot Licks Nov 25 '16 at 3:48
  • What is the context? What subject is being taught? I'm curious because as @deadrat points out, there is nothing wrong with the sentence you've been asked to correct. – 1252748 Nov 25 '16 at 5:14

Me, as me means the real me; the integral, true me, as I know myself. As opposed to the persona I present to the outside world or the roles I play in other people's lives or the individual that others judge me to be.

Here's an example usage from Classroom Management Techniques by J Scrivener:

Am I worried that students will not respect me if I let down my guard; if I let them see me as me, rather than as the teacher, the knower or the figure of authority?

The reason you may be uncomfortable with your answer is that you were asked to correct a sentence that had nothing wrong with it.

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