While working on a new blog post, I wanted to say that there was one thing in particular I didn't like about a song I'm reviewing. I started off with:

My only ___ with this song is that ...

I'm trying to think of what word I can use here, to describe a problem I have with how the song is put together. I could try:

My only problem with this song is that ...

But I want to say something more specific, it's less than a problem but more than just something that bothers me.


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As we approach 500 years since Luther's 95 theses, may I suggest grievance?

• a real or imagined wrong or other cause for complaint or protest, especially unfair treatment: failure to redress genuine grievances.

• an official statement of a complaint over something believed to be wrong or unfair: three pilots have filed grievances against the company.

• a feeling of resentment over something believed to be wrong or unfair: he was nursing a grievance.

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You can use grouch to mean a trivial complaint.

My only grouch with this song is that ...


grouch NOUN

A trivial complaint:
‘my only real grouch was that the children's chorus was less easy on the ear’

Also perhaps, a grouse (or synonym grumble) which is a complaint (not necessarily trivial). Also, a niggle.


grouse NOUN

A complaint or grumble:
‘our biggest grouse was about the noise of construction work’

niggle NOUN

A trivial criticism, discomfort, or annoyance:
‘it is an excellent book except for my few niggles’

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