1. The next time I will meet you
  2. Next time I will meet you.

I think both are correct, but do both sentences indicate different meaning?

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    What does your research show? Can you show us your research? – Edwin Ashworth Nov 9 '16 at 11:24

"Next time I will meet you" is probably a more common usage. The use of the definite article with "next" depends on context as explained in the following extract from the Cambridge Dictionary:

When we talk about days of the week, weeks, months, years, seasons or public holidays in the future in relation to now, we use next without the and without a preposition:

  • I have an appointment with the dentist next Wednesday morning. Not: … the next Wednesday morning.

  • Are you working next week? Not: Are you working on next week?*

  • Next year will be our fortieth wedding anniversary.

  • We’re going to plant some new flowers next spring.

To refer to the future, we can use the next few hours, the next two days, the next six months, etc.:

  • I’ll finish the work in the next few days. You can pay me then.

  • We’ll be home for the next three weeks, then we’re going away to France for two weeks.

When we talk about times in the past or future not related to now, we normally use the. However, in informal situations, we can omit the when we talk about the past:

  • The next day we travelled to the ancient city of Qom.

  • We’re going to spend the first night in Oslo, then the next day we’ll fly to Narvik.

  • Two policemen grabbed me. Next minute, I was arrested and thrown into a van.

  • These are talking about specific clock- etc times. OP asks about a sequential event (notice that 'next year' not 'fortieth wedding anniversary' influences the usage above). – Edwin Ashworth Nov 9 '16 at 12:17

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