I know the title is a bit confusing, English is not my first language. Basically, I'll explain what I mean with a few examples below:

Gramograms - words that sound like letters.(i.e 'are' and 'R', 'cue' and 'q', 'bee' and b. You get the point)

Homonyms - words that sound alike but have different meanings('accept' and 'except', 'die' and 'dye', etc)

Palindromes - words that are spelled the same backwards. ('racecar', 'radar', 'level', are all spelled backwards the same)

Misnomers - a word or term that suggests a meaning that is known to be wrong('Funny bone' isn't a bone but a nerve, 'French Horns' are actually German, 'Koala bears' aren't beards, etc)

Autonyms - word that expresses a property that it also possesses("word" is a word, "English" is in English, "pentasyllabic" has 5 syllabels, etc)

I have two question:

  1. Is there a full list of these? What others do you know of?
  2. Is there a word for words that describe words?

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  • I've never seen anything that seems like a reasonably comprehensive list. – Hot Licks Nov 8 '16 at 1:56
  • If no one seems to have a list, perhaps we should attempt to make one? I really want a list like that. – michelle fanter Nov 8 '16 at 1:57
  • Although lists are a common "question" type in other SE domains, I'm not sure that they are allowed in EL&U. – Hot Licks Nov 8 '16 at 2:03
  • Would your list include all metalinguistic categories, for example words for grammatical categories (e.g. "articles" and "prepositions") and words like "monosyllabic" and "polysyllabic"? Or just the exotic varieties that have -nym, -nom, -gram, etc. affixation? – GoldenGremlin Nov 8 '16 at 2:07
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I don't know of a single, comprehensive list but the Linguistic morphology page on Wikipedia seems like a good starting point.

It includes a link to the Types of words page, which includes many -nyms.

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