Which is correct

it is not that big a deal


it is not that big of a deal

Why does "of" need to be added ?


"Not that bid a deal" is the standard form, "not that big of a deal" is an informal variant.

This informal usage often found with the adverbs like how and too followed by a descriptive adjective, probably on the model of constructions like "how much" and "too much":

  • Of is sometimes added to phrases beginning with the adverb how or too followed by a descriptive adjective: How long of a drive will it be? It's too hot of a day for tennis.

  • This construction is probably modeled on that in which how or too is followed by much,an unquestionably standard use in all varieties of speech and writing: How much of a problem will that cause the government? There was too much of an uproar for the speaker to be heard.

  • The use of "of" with descriptive adjectives after how or too is largely restricted to informal speech. It occurs occasionally in informal writing and written representations of speech.


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