I am looking for a description of someone who produces things and keeps on developing/refining it until it becomes useful. This can take years.

Developer is the best word as it can mean keeps on constantly developing. However the word has been overused to describe everything including property developer which has the connotation of develop once so I am looking for an alternative word.

Evolver isn't a word as someone who keeps on evolving would fit.

I am trying to find maybe a word that explains more than just one part of the life cycle of a product i.e. it includes the designing,creating and I am trying to explain someone who creates something and also keeps on molding it like an idea until it becomes useful and then keeps on working on it afterwards.

If I call him a builder, producer,creator,maker or manufacturer it is more in the context of a conveyor belt process where I am more thinking of describing someone who then refining it until it becomes useful.

Almost like a potter, molder,sculptor but you can use outside of pottery.

Here are examples where I want to use it

The scientist keeps on developing his theories on varying subjects throughout his life. In the morning he wakes up and says "I am a "[...]" as a mantra to remind he to not to stray but to keep on refining his theories for the betterment of mankind.

99% of ideas fail as people as people don't realize they need to constantly work and refine their ideas instead of not giving up after it gets no uptake initially. They need to learn to become a [...]

iteration 1 of the product should be seen more of a way to test it in the market for flaws and improvement. The process then gets repeated through multiple iterations. The person who continuously creates and refines the product through iterations is called [...]

John dream is to write a best selling books. His English skill is very average. He knows it will take years and years of practice and writing articles and refining ideas for him to get there. John has to take on the ethos of a [...]

If a word like masterer,perfecter existed where someone keeps on working on something until it is mastered or perfected.

If have thought of refiner, crafter, realizer, do'er,craftsman, artisan, entrepeneur, executor,worker but none really fit the sentences I given above.

Not sure if such words exists in English, so I'd be open if the origin of the word is from some field or language.

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    perfectionist is a "perfecter". Such people are often described as obsessional. – Lambie Oct 30 '16 at 20:47
  • @Lambie write it as answer. It probably will end up being the closest what I'm looking for as I can't think of anything else – dfmetro Oct 31 '16 at 11:55

"I am a "[...]" ... scientist.

They need to learn to become [...] ... patient.

The person who continuously creates and refines the product through iterations is called [...] ... an engineer.

John has to take on the ethos of a [...] ... writer.

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