I'm translating a text about IT, which describes "key users", i.e. people having a deeper knowledge of a certain area (in this case IT) than others.

I don't know how to ask using the formally correct wording, so what of the following is correct?

  • key users
  • Key users
  • Key Users

... or do I even hyphenate that, resulting in

  • key-user
  • Key-user
  • Key-User?


The success of a new system highly depends on the Key-Users behind the project.


Aside from capitalizing the first letter of a sentence, or words in a title, you would only use "Key User" if you had somehow established that as a "title" within your project. The use of caps signals that it's being used in a strictly-defined way.


The only correct option here is key users, neither capitalised nor hyphenated.

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