I have a bullet list. Should I use the word "or" within the bullet points? If so, where should it go? Or do I not use the word "or" for the last bullet point?

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    There is normally an introduction before a bulleted list; this can usually be worded to avoid the need for and's, or's etc. Oct 20, 2016 at 17:45

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Rephrase the introduction to the list so you don't need a conjunction.

The user can choose from one of the following options:


If rephrasing gets awkward, you can bullet a complete sentence showing

  • this item here with an ending semi-colon;
  • this item, which ends in the same semi-colon followed by an "or"; or
  • this item, which completes the sentence with a period.

These are guidelines, not steadfast rules that everyone agrees upon.

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