This is what it looks like

Some might call it just a wooden path or boardwalk, but I was wondering if this structure had a specific name.


As you have said yourself: boardwalk.

boardwalk ˈbɔːdwɔːk/.
noun: boardwalk;
plural noun: boardwalks.
a wooden walkway across sand or marshy ground.
NORTH AMERICAN a promenade along a beach or waterfront, typically made of wood.


If you are happy to accept an American use then that is specifically a boardwalk.

Dictionary.com put the meaning relating to the shore first, without any sort of regional caveat:

a promenade made of wooden boards, usually along a beach or shore.


According to this article in The Family Handyman, the visible portion of a wooden walkway (the generic term for a boardwalk) is the decking. (It's normally composed of wooden slats.) The decking is supported underneath by a series of joists.

So your picture shows the boardwalk's decking, and the slats of which it is composed.

  • But by that reasoning it would make just as much sense to call it "wood". – Hot Licks Oct 17 '16 at 23:25
  • @HotLicks The photo shows the decking of a boardwalk, which is composed of slats. What is your objection, exactly? – Gnawme Oct 18 '16 at 5:35

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