How to simplify the last statement which highlighted of this paragraph. I'm in doubt about the meaning of the word "husbandry" in here.

"In carriage and behaviour they are very grave and stately, like unto Portuguese ; in understanding quick and apprehensive ; in design, subtle and crafty ; in discourse, courteous, but full of flatteries ; naturally inclined to temperance both in meat and drink, but not to chastity ; near and provident in their families, commending good husbandry."

From Adam’s Peak To Elephanta : Sketches in Ceylon (1892)

  • From the context, the metaphorical usage seems much more likely. – Edwin Ashworth Oct 16 '16 at 18:59

I agree with Edwin that the context suggests that the word 'husbandry' in this passage is likely to refer to management of resources.

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