I need a word to describe people who constantly gossip about film and film stars.

For eg. They were discussing trivial matters like ____ about film and film stars

Please feel to free to change the structure of the sentence if needed.

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    What's wrong with 'gossip'? – Spencer Oct 1 '16 at 1:21
  • I feel that gossip is just a general word. A word that describes gossip about film would be suitable in my case. – nootnoot Oct 1 '16 at 1:27
  • How about film-gossip? – Mick Oct 1 '16 at 1:44

I can suggest "a tattletale cinephile" or "a gossiping moviegoer"?

cinephile - "a person who loves films and cinema"

moviegoer - "a person who goes to see motion pictures frequently"

  • "They were tattletale cinephiles, discussing trivial matters about films and film stars"

  • "They were gossiping moviegoers, babbling trivial matters about films and film stars."



Dictionary.com gives " 2. childish, silly, or meaningless talk or thinking; nonsense; twaddle."

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