What type of punctuation do you use after such as?

I see that sometimes it is used with a colon but I looked at grammar rules and colons are only used when listing things that cannot be immediately followed. For example you wouldn't write this (according to the website):

I want: butter, sugar, and flour.

So why would you write (this is from yahoo answers so it may be wrong. If so please tell me):

List your activities, such as: clubs, volunteering, and paid work.

Also when do you add commas after such as?


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If it is just giving an example, you don't need any punctuation For instance, List your activities such as clubs, volunteering and paid work.

However, you need a comma in from if such as is part of the non-restrictive clauses.

For instance, Fresh fruit provides many nutrients, such as vitamin C, and tastes good too.

you can see the explanation in grammerly too.

There shouldn't be any punctuation after such as.

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