I am unsure what preposition should be used with "stay current" (staying up to date). Are all these variations valid and have equal meaning?

stay current with

stay current on

stay current in

The sentence that this will be used in is:

I stay current [with/on/in] different topics of the computer game industry.

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Yes, with is correct. However, I will demonstrate the way one is supposed to write answers to this type of question.

"We need to keep current with the latest information."

  • According to google, using "with" is the dominant combination, but "on" and "in" are used too. So are these wrong or just an alternative, which is not as common?
    – qwertz
    Sep 19, 2016 at 13:04

I would say "stay current with". The phrase is used metaphorically (right ?), invoking the idea of a current - something that is flowing. In order to "stay current" you need to flow in the same or similar way, so that you - your knowledge and understanding of the issue - is not moving relative to it.

For this reason, I would use the preposition with.

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