I am designing a brochure for a local club. The text, which was provided by one of the members, includes a list titled, "Benefit of Membership," followed by bulleted line items such as Volunteering, Camaraderie, Educational Meetings, etc.

Had I written the copy, I would have made the title plural, "Benefits of Membership," as the list contains more than one item. But the more I look at it, the more I am not sure if the singular is also correct. I hesitate to point out an error I am not entirely sure of.

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Will you be listing more than one benefit? If so, then it should be benefits. It is a noun in this use.

The situation for benefit would be as a verb or as a singlar noun.


It is the title of a list, so it should be Benefits of Membership. I think if you remove of Membership from the title, you will no longer be able to convince yourself of the correctness of Benefit of Membership.

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