One or two of my poems include quotations from characters that span multiple stanzas, and for the purposes of punctuation, I have treated the stanzas as if they were paragraphs in prose. I have put quotation marks at the beginning of the quotation, none at the end of the first stanza, and quotation marks at the beginning and end of the second stanza, which is still the same character speaking. Is this correct? For example, I have punctuated the first two stanzas of one of the poems as follows:

I ordered, for lunch, a burger,
and asked, “Please, on the side
could you bring me some of your onion rings,
most sumptuously fried?

“And also, while you’re at it,
I’d like the burger with extra cheese.
And medium-well would sure be swell,
but ... NO onions, please.”

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    This seems correct to me. That is how I would do it, if it were the same character speaking through all those versus. As far as I know, dialogue in poetry is treated like dialogue in a narrative. Even if the same character is speaking for multiple paragraphs, you start each paragraph with a quotation and only use the closing quotation when they finish speaking. – RE Lavender Sep 11 '16 at 5:01