Assume you are traveling in a place, and there may be several tourist attractions. And you'd like to buy a ticket that can be used for several sites and is usually cheaper than if you buy every single ticket for every single site. Do you have a word for that ticket such as an all-mighty ticket or whatever I guess?

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    There are actual names for them by the companies that market them, like there is the London Pass in London or maybe a super pass or a disney pass. However I think the generic term is 'pass' itself, the qualifier comes from the marketeer. – Gurpreet K Sekhon Sep 7 '16 at 14:02
  • Just an FYI 'How do you call' isn't how English first language speakers would phrase the question, it would more usually be 'What do you call...'. – Spagirl Sep 7 '16 at 14:27
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    In the US such a thing is generally referred as a "pass". Though terms such as "combination ticket" are also used. ("Pass" refers to any ticket-like thing which is good for more than one admission.) – Hot Licks Sep 7 '16 at 18:48

It is often called a combination ticket (or 'combo ticket') in many countries.

(About 71,000 results by Google)


You could call it an all-in-one ticket:

combining two or more items or functions in a single unit.

"an all-in-one shampoo/conditioner"

Similarly, you could also call it an all-inclusive ticket:

including everything or everyone.

"the tab for the all-inclusive dinner is $38"

There really isn't a single word that describes these, as it's going to depend more on the city you're in, the tour company you're using, etc. But I think most people would know what you meant with either of the above options, depending on the context you use them in.


Possibilities: 'multi-site pass/ticket', 'universal pass/ticket' and 'all-in ticket'. I think the latter has a nice ring to it.


I would suggest that a word multipass would left you be understood in most non-english-speaking-tourist-attractive places.

I am speaking of an idea that what you need is to say that you are interested in a combined product that is otherwise available as a collection of separate purchases and you are interested in a discount.

Speaking of a ticket that gives more than one access to the same product or service might be different.

For instance when I apply for a visa in order to visit the schengen zone I ask for either a single time visa or a multivisa depending on the circumstances.

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