The context is for a comment of an employment to the employee. "He brings trust-worthy feeling". It's not just "He's trust-worthy" but here, the man has gone through many difficult tasks and he always managed to succeed every time. It's like a person you can trust and rely on. So is there another way of expression ?

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    "He is dependable", "he is someone you can depend on" might work for you.
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A common phrase in AmE is

He inspires trust.

For example, the following is a quote from a Forbes article entitled You Can't Be a Great Leader Without Trust. Here's How You Build It.

Leaders who inspire trust garner better output, morale, retention, innovation, loyalty, and revenue, while mistrust fosters skepticism, frustration, low productivity, lost sales, and turnover.

This ngram shows the frequency of the use of the phrase.

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It's like a person you can trust and rely on.

This person is reliable:

consistently good in quality or performance; able to be trusted.

"a reliable source of information"


  • dependable, good, well founded, authentic, valid, genuine, sound, true

    • "reliable evidence"
  • trustworthy, dependable, good, true, faithful, devoted, steadfast, staunch, constant, loyal, trusty, dedicated, unfailing; truthful, honest

    • "a reliable friend"
  • dependable, safe, fail-safe

    • "reliable brakes"
  • reputable, dependable, trustworthy, honest, responsible, established, proven

    • "a reliable company"
  • a person or thing with trustworthy qualities.

    • "the supporting cast includes old reliables like Mitchell"

"He is somebody to lean on"

Lean on somebody or something — TFD

Figuratively 1. To depend on someone or something.

"The children leaned on each other for help and comfort."
"Verplank leaned on his experience as a waiter to figure out how to behave when he met the prince."

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