I have a work question. In our attempt to give names to fields on a repair card we are now using the phrase "Source card" and "Child card". My opinion is that it would be more logical to use "Parent card" and "Child card", but if I want to keep using the term "Source card" how would I now name the child card???

"Parent is related to child" as "source is related to _____"

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  • source is often related to sink in sciency things, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Source%E2%80%93sink_dynamics and graph theory for example. – JMP Aug 24 '16 at 10:21
  • Programmatically we call it "output", source is related to "output" as parent-child relation. – user152418 Aug 24 '16 at 10:27

There are a couple of different possibilities:



From Wiktionary:

Noun derivative ‎(plural derivates)

Something derived.

Adjective derived ‎(not comparable)

product of derivation

The French language is derived from Latin.

Noun derivation

The act of receiving anything from a source; the act of procuring an effect from a cause, means, or condition, as profits from capital, conclusions or opinions from evidence.

The state or method of being derived; the relation of origin when established or asserted.

That which is derived; a derivative; a deduction.

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