1. I don't plan on face planting tonight.
  2. in other words, someone who would totally slay at Bend A Friend.

Does slay in the second sentence seriously mean like kill?

  • Face plant literally means to land on one's face, so figuratively it means to fail spectacularly; slay and kill are US slang terms in show business, particularly in comedic acts. They mean to be extremely successful.
    – deadrat
    Aug 21, 2016 at 7:46

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"I don't plan on face planting tonight,” Face planting refers to falling on one's face. If someone does not plan on face planting they don't plan on falling on their face/embarrassing themselves or making a big mistake.

In the second sentence slay means to do better than anyone else. It does mean to kill but not physically. It's like to kill the competition/ to win over them. When someone says they are slaying or someone else is slaying it means that they are doing better (killing) then everyone else.


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