Recently, I stumbled onto a quote

Stay until the room is blue.

I am not sure what it means and I would like to know because googling can't help me.

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    Can you provide context? I think your question cannot be answered without context. – ab2 Aug 13 '16 at 19:19

It's part of some art by Yoko Ono.

All my pieces are white because I think that white is the only colour that allows imaginary colour to be put on. In the Lisson Gallery I'm going to have a one room environment that's called 'The Blue Room Event'. The room is completely white and you're supposed to stay in the room until it becomes blue.


As the viewer reaches the final rooms of the show, one of the most ephemeral works empties the room of objects. Titled A Blue Room Event, phrases are written on the wall in a casual scrawl, describing the room the visitor inhabits. Instructing the visitor to “Stay until the room is blue[.]” [...] Both real and unreal, this room uses the most meager means to investigate the ways in which physical space is affected by mental processes.


So, it quite literally translates as: "Stay in this room until you imagine it being blue."

  • In spite of the fact that you've used the word art in the same sentence as Yoko Ono, this is an excellent answer. (And I saw what you did there with imagine). I hope the OP confirms the context, and in anticipation of that, you have my upvote. – deadrat Aug 14 '16 at 8:55

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