What is the correct usage?

  • 10 × 10″
  • 10″ × 10″

That is, is the double prime supposed to be on the first number or is it assumed to be the same as the second number when conveying measurements in inches?

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    I don't have any references, but personally, I'd put it on each, so there is no ambiguity. The first version could almost be saying that you need a quantity 10 of 10" items.
    – BradC
    Commented Aug 11, 2016 at 16:01

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Almost all of 800 written instances of 4 by 4 posts in Google Books will reflect OP's context.

If you glance through them you'll see that although most don't have any "double primes", those that do always seem to include it on both measurements.

In this respect the written convention doesn't precisely reflect spoken usage, where it wouldn't be particularly unusual to ask for a Four by four inch post.

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