Is the colon used in this sentence correct?

“The Dark Wood” is the vivid representation of a cloudy, misty forethought: in Dante’s Divine Comedy the ominous wood is a place for lost souls, who lose their way in life.

  • Punctuation is a matter of style, so "correct" an "incorrect" don't apply as much as "conforming" and "noncomforming" to your style guide. Type "colon" into the "Search Q&A" box above to wade through the numerous answers. You'll find that colons are recommended to introduce conclusions from, examples for, or evidence to support the preceding clause. I find it hard to see how a place for lost souls fits into these categories for "misty forethought". – deadrat Aug 8 '16 at 17:43

As noted, this is stylistic. However, in both APA and MLA, this would not be correct usage. In MLA, a semicolon would be applicable.

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