Grandmother recently passed, I'm having a hard time with adjectives

Edit: She was incredibly smart, witty and quick with words. She was a wiz at puzzles, games and cards. She could remember long passages of books. I just can't seem to find the right adjectives to describe her.

  • I'm sorry for your loss, but can you provide some more context information to your question please, and a sample sentence? – Max Williams Aug 8 '16 at 14:25
  • She had a quick mind, a remarkable memory, and a wonderful sense of humo[u]r. – Edwin Ashworth Aug 8 '16 at 14:48
  • When someone doesn't get a joke, you could say that it went over their head. So perhaps you could say "She was quick - no joke ever went over her head." or something along those lines. – Max Williams Aug 8 '16 at 14:56
  • 1
    Also, "quick on the uptake". – Max Williams Aug 8 '16 at 14:57
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    It sounds like she was sharp or had a sharp mind. – Kevin Workman Aug 8 '16 at 15:32

If your grandmother had keen mental perception and understanding of those things you mentioned, I would say your granny was "perspicacious"

  • perspicacious - (adjective) "having or showing an ability to notice and understand things that are difficult or not obvious"


  • "She was much too perspicacious to be taken in by such a spurious argument."

  • "The perspicacious plumber quickly detected the leakage."

  • "Although my mom was a perspicacious woman, she was not able to understand why my brother had lied.

  • perspicacity (noun) "the ability to understand things quickly and make accurate judgments"

    "Grandma was a woman of exceptional perspicacity."

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