Edit: This question pertains to American English usage.

Whether one likes it or not, obscene or taboo words come with degrees of strength, so that 'dick' and 'cock' are synonyms but one is weaker and therefore accepted in more situations (for example: 'your dick is ...' vs. 'your cock is ...').

Now, whenever I come across the word 'cunt' (which isn't often) in relation to the female genitals, the reaction leads me to understand it as a very perjorative word, almost as taboo as 'nigger'. On the other hand, what I would consider its equivalent for the male genitals, 'cock', is much more common and elicits a much weaker reaction.

So, in my mind, the strength of the taboo is as follows:
- 'nigger' equates with 'never EVER use',
- 'cunt' equates with 'never use',
- 'cock' equates with 'don't use',
- 'dick' equates with 'avoid using'.

What I am looking for is a word for 'penis' with the same taboo strength as 'cunt'. I can't think of anything stronger than cock but, as I said, it sounds much weaker to me. Or is the female word simply more taboo because of the traditional social notions of females having to be chaste against non-chaste males being 'men with a capital M'?

edit: The word is to be used in an obscene sentence similar to 'stick your ... in the closest cunt'. I apologise for the rudeness but... rude language is part of language.

This dialogue is suposed to happen in a story in an American middle class setting, even if some of the people might be of a lower standing (working class, no education).

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    Could male attributes traditionally and lingistically have had a different treatment from the female ones? – user66974 Jul 29 '16 at 11:55
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    I don't totally agree with your assesment: in Australia cunt seems to be at the level of cock, in Black-Gettho-American English (I forgot the pc term for that) niger is a the level of dick (if you're not a white using it). The taboo level is heavily dependent on who's using it, his/her color, his/her sex/gender, his/her nationality etc. As you know questions choosing a word are better if you give an example of sentence to complete , and here also indicate where and who'd using it. – P. O. Jul 29 '16 at 11:55
  • @P.Obertelli. Thanks for the input. I mostly contact with these words in American English, so I'll add that to my question. As for the example sentence, it is very much obscene which is why I didn't put it up. – Sara Costa Jul 29 '16 at 11:59
  • As @P.Obertelli mentions, the level of taboo varies. It als varies according to context, e.g. in a piece of xxx-rated fiction, cunt may be hardly shocking when describing the female bodypart, but in general, when applied to a person, it scores high on the taboo scale. Incidentally, cunt can be used to describe a man as well. – oerkelens Jul 29 '16 at 12:06
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    Nice continuum of taboo strength. The shock value of the one word may be well beyond another, but the threshold of appropriateness may still put them in the same category. That is, 'cunt' may be very strong, and 'cock' may be less so, but in some social contexts may be equally due reproach or action. Also, if you're looking for writing advice, consider using a synonym for 'cunt', or not caring about it being exactly one-to-one body parts; allow any kind of profanity. I don't think chasteness is the issue but misogyny. – Mitch Jul 29 '16 at 13:12

Warning: Don't read if you're easily offended

Within the long list of synonyms for penis, Webster has only one marked as "derogatory" all the others are merely slang and/or taboo .

phallus, dick (taboo) (slang), prick (derogatory) (slang), member, tool (taboo) (slang), organ, cock (taboo) (slang), wang (US) (slang), knob (British) (taboo) (slang), chopper (British) (slang), plonker (slang), dong (slang), winkle (British) (slang), joystick (slang), pecker (US) ( & Canadian) (taboo) (slang), John Thomas (taboo) (slang), weenie (US) (slang), whang (US) (slang), tadger (British) (slang), schlong (US) (slang), pizzle (archaic) (dialect), willie or willy (British) (informal), tockley (Australian) (slang)

So I guess, I'd give


as the closest equivalent to cunt, including in the insulting usage. You don't really call someone " you're a weenie/tadger/cock/organ/chopper/joystick/John Thomas/pecker/winkle etc." but you're certainly can call him "you're a prick" as a nearly strict equivalent of "you're a cunt".

> countable noun: A man's prick is his penis. [informal, very rude]

I think it fits well your added example:

Stick your prick in the closest cunt

has a nice balanced taboo weight to my ear.

But if you want something more alliterative, even though less derogatory:

Stick your schlong in the closest cunt

The S-S pair of stick/schlong balances well the C-C of closest cunt

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    “He’s been pickling his prick in the cunt-brine of another.” – Deadwood – Mazura Jul 29 '16 at 12:32
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    In my opinion, "prick" doesn't carry anywhere near the level of obscenity that "cunt" does. I would comfortably describe someone as a prick in front of my mother but wouldn't dream of using the C word. (Br. Eng for me; I know the question relates to Am. Eng.). – Ste Jul 29 '16 at 13:22
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    @Ste - The OP's use of the word is to denote a person's genitalia, not the person. But I agree: nothing (non-racist), in the opinion of this American, has the same level of obscenity that "cunt" does, no mater how you use it (prick is pretty good though and works equally well, either way you use it, as well). What is currently the most obscene word in British English? – Mazura Jul 29 '16 at 13:57
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    @P.Obertelli - I noted in my comment that I am talking about British English. And I added it for posterity - it is not irrelevant to someone who comes along in the future and wonders about the use in British English. I'm sorry you took it as an insult against your answer which, by the way, is very well written. – Ste Jul 29 '16 at 14:06
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    Even in American English, I have to agree with Ste here: prick to me falls around the same taboo level as dick, below cock and definitely well below cunt. Schlong is slightly more at cock level, I'd say, but the alliteration helps with that one. – Janus Bahs Jacquet Jul 30 '16 at 6:13

As a male native American English speaker I assure you that

Cock is the most taboo word for penis, and as children we learn it later, maybe because the meaning is camouflaged by the fowl.

Dick is somewhat less taboo, we learn it earlier.

Cock is less likely than dick to be used as a term for the flaccid penis, This makes it more obscene.

Prick is less taboo than dick as a word for genitals per se.

Prick and dick are both used in synecdoche as epithets for nasty men, with prick connoting more meanness, aggression, self serving disregard for others than dick. Dicks can be dumb and self serving but pricks are mean.

Cock on the other hand is never used as an epithet for a man--unless it is to liken him to a rooster.

Yes, cunt is both a taboo word for genitals, and a taboo epithet. So you might not find an exact parallel with cock.

But at least with cock and cunt you get some satisfying alliteration!

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