Which do you think is the correct version to be used in the following sentence?

ABC Company offers XYZ, a multi-bank/multibank payment system.

And how should these versions be used?

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It depends what multi-bank (or multibank) is.

If you're referring to a "thing" that applies to lots of different banks, then you would say "multi-bank", using the standard "multi-" prefix.


There's a caveat to this: if multi- prefix words get used widely enough, for long enough, then the hyphen tends to disappear and they enter the lexicon as a single word rather than a hyphenated compound word. Thus we have "multiagency", "multidimensional" etc. This is a slow process with no clear dividing line. If there's any doubt, it's more clear for the reader if you use the hyphen.

If someone has actually named the system "Multibank", (ie has invented a banking product and called it "Multibank" then it's a pronoun and you use the capital letter (with pronouns there are no rules for spelling etc - it just is what it is and you always just copy that).


Searching multibank, multi bank, and multi-bank everyone use multibank and multi-bank.

So, spellchecker says that multibank is wrong, while multi-bank and multi bank aren't.

If you use multi bank, You can be sure it's right.

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