A massive cliché in action movies (especially James Bond), but is there actually a word for that moment when the evil villain reveals their deadly plot to the action hero before (usually attempting and failing at) killing them?

If there is no word for this, is there a phrase for the "reason that this was done" i.e. if you asked the villain why they did it (apart from probably for personal satisfaction).

In a similar (but un-deadly scenario), is there a word/phrase/motive for the reason someone might feel like they wanted to tell someone (they wouldn't see again) why they had acted in a certain way prior to the final parting (i.e. telling them about past events during their final encounter)? e.g. "I acted like that because I really liked you and what you did made me feel bad at the time, and I felt like I needed to tell you because..." (is this even a good idea haha)


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[the] reveal
the moment in which previously withheld information about characters or plot is unveiled.


I have a couple suggestions for the reason:



I think the villainous info dump is usually referred to as monologuing and the link that @MετάEd shared from tvtropes is pretty much spot on.


I would go with parting shot:

A final remark, usually cutting or derogatory, made just before departing.

The parting shot can (and usually does, at least in movies) include a revelation.


TVTropes (a website that catalogues pop culture cliches) has it listed as Motive Rant. See: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/MotiveRant. For a more general answer I'd go with Impetus which basically means the driving force behind some action.


The reason for revealing the plan is the hubris of the villain.

  1. Excessive pride or self-confidence.

1.1. (In Greek tragedy) excessive pride towards or defiance of the gods, leading to nemesis.

His failure was brought on by his hubris. - MW

Obviously the villain would not put hubris forth as reason, but an outside observer very well might.


In your last paragraph you emphasise the urge to let the truth be known now that we will likely never see each other again. Not leaving anything unsaid and Clearing the air and Not wishing there to be [remain] any bad blood between us and Having it all out in the open are idioms that are often used in such situations.

But this is between two people who have worked together, or lived together, and things have gotten sticky between them; hardly the villain reveals their master plan situation.

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