Is there a better word for the following example than astonished?

I was astonished at the lack of respect Joe showed to his parents.

I’m trying to use the word astonished in a sentence, but I want to convey that I am surprised at a negative outcome. Here, the lack of respect towards one’s parents is the negative part, but astonished is neutral, not negative.


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Aghast: "filled with horror or shock: when the news came out they were aghast." (New Oxford American Dictionary) This is quite a strong word, but I think it fits the bill nicely.

Dumbfounded: "greatly astonish or amaze: they were dumbfounded at his popularity." (New Oxford American Dictionary) Although it doesn't necessarily suggest a negative outcome, I think it does generally carry connotations of nonplussed bemusement.

As others have already mentioned, there's also appalled and nonplussed.


I agree with appalled. I think that it’s the best word for the context you’ve given.

Here’s an interesting diagram for you! It displays several versions of emotions. Maybe you will find it useful.

Edit: Under the category 'surprise,' the wheel lists startled, confused, amazed, excited, shocked, dismayed, disillusioned, perplexed, astonished, awe, eager, and energetic.

I apologize for not summarizing the link originally.


Shocked would be appropriate. It generally has negative connotations — as opposed to surprised, which has positive connotations.

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