I am looking for a words for a thing in which you invest a lot of time but don't gain anything. For example using whatsapp.

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Timesink is a word that is going to convey both the investment of time as well as the futility.

It is usually used in the case of, for example, a video game, and would work in your situation as well.

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Distraction - a thing that prevents someone from giving full attention to something else.

Vain - producing no result; useless.


Try "boondoggle." A "boondoggle" is an unnecessary or wasteful project.

You might also try "black hole." When used figuratively, a black hole is something that you can invest endless resources into--time, money, whatever--and they will completely disappear without any kind of pay off or coming to any kind of gain.


In a work environment, say if you were investigating a issues, you could lose a lot of time going down a rat hole or rabbit hole

See this old question :

"Going down the rathole" vs. "Going down the rabbit hole."

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