Kindly explain what "develop attitudes" means in this context of the following passage:

In the ensuing outrage, a PowerPoint presentation written by St. John surfaced which included a slide in which he referred to engineers with Asperger syndrome as being "the holy grail" of hires. "They work like machines," he wrote, "don’t engage in politics, don’t develop attitudes and never change jobs."

I searched the definition of "Attitude" and came up to 2 options:
1) autist people don't express their attitude to work
2) don't try to affect opinion of other people in a team about something

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To "develop attitudes" (in the social sense of the word) is to develop bad attitudes.

Everyone has attitudes, but it is (usually) the bad ones that get noticed.

He has an "attitude" is a pejorative. And "autistic" people don't "develop attitudes" is in the context of they don't have other bad qualities like laziness and "politicking."

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