When you hold a handful of something, the enclosed portion below your thumb can generally handle a larger quantity than the area circled red in the photo below...

enter image description here

How can this less-supported area be briefly described (if there isn't a single word for it)?

For example, here's what I quickly came up with: I grip [the coins] harder, losing one from the unfortunately large exposure where three more fingers next to my thumb would benefit me greatly. haha!

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    Isn't that just the palm? Or are you talking about the portion (of 3D space) above the palm but outside the closed fist? – Lawrence Jul 16 '16 at 4:34
  • No, the palm is "the inner surface of the hand between the wrist and fingers," which is the entire flat part of your hand. Yes, I'm asking about the 3D space. – Michael Rader Jul 16 '16 at 4:39
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    Based on this site (click on figure 1), it's the space near the hypothenar and lower palm. I'm not sure that space has a name. You didn't ask about the space that "can generally handle a larger quantity", but the name of that space might lead to the name of the space you're looking for - what do you call that 'larger quanitity' space? – Lawrence Jul 16 '16 at 4:49
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    "butt of your hand" – Benjamin Harman Jul 16 '16 at 5:14
  • Wait what? Clearly that's the portion of the hand that holds the most. There's only so much space under my thumb. While the circled area is my whole friggen hand. So confused right now. – RegDwigнt Sep 13 '16 at 11:27

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