Is it correct to say "people can agree to doing this work"?

I have always seen people saying "people can agree to do this work", I don't know if this sentence is correct because I think that to is a preposition in the sentence "people can agree to doing this work" and to should be followed by a gerund (doing). Am I right?


The verb agree accepts infinitive complements after a for ... to complementiser:

(a1) I agreed for Jill to go.

When the subject of the infinitive is the same as that of the main verb, there is obligatory deletion of the second [mention of the] subject:

(a2) I / they agreed to work / go. // I / they agreed to do this work.

[see Analyzing Syntax and Semantics ... Virginia A. Heidinger]

On the other hand, agree to may be used as a transitive multi-word verb taking a regular noun phrase

(b) The store owner agreed to the supplier's new proposal for a weekly shipment.

an obvious gerund

(c) If you don't agree to my leaving early, I'll just do it anyway.

or a less obviously identifiable ing-form fairly near the nounal end of the continuum

(d) I cannot agree to going with you on such a dangerous adventure!

[(b) and (c) from the McGraw-Hill Dictionary of American Idioms and Phrasal Verbs and (d) from The American Heritage® Dictionary of Phrasal Verbs.]

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