If you're well acquainted with the politics of Iraq, you should know that the current Iraqi government isn't exclusive to one dominating sect like it used to be. Is that called "apportionment"?

If yes, is there an adjective to that word? Can we use that adjective to describe the political process in Iraq?

There's an Arabic term to describe the current governance in Iraq. I tried to look for the English equivalent but all I found is phrases, such as "a plural political system in which varying sects and ideological and political factions compete in elections", but what I'm looking for is a single word.

I hesitated to use the word "apportionment" because I didn't feel it has a negative connotation. In the original Arabic text, the writer means it as a "division" or "the opposite of unity". I'm not sure if "apportionment" depends on the context.

  • Your question is rather misleadingly phrased. The headline asks the question "what does "Apportionment ... mean". That's easy, it refers to the process of apportioning, that is the process of dividing into portions. It almost always carries the idea that the portions are in proportion to something else. Eg, if you end a contract 3/4 of the way through, the fees might be apportioned 3:4. But you actually want to know the word for something that you don't very clearly define yourself. That's not the title you gave. Perhaps you want "pluralist" but the answer depends on opinions of Iraq. – Francis Davey Mar 15 '17 at 8:23

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