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I have seen on many sites a section labeled "Comments," referring to an area where you can leave a message for someone, or on something. When referring to this section is it correct to say

Comments Section


Comment's Section

or even

Comments' Section

From what I've learned about apostrophes is that you use them when you are denoting something belonging to something else. i.e., Alice's watch.

Would the section, in this case, belong to the Comment(I think I've heard the word "Possessive," is that correct?)? Or would it actually belong to the "multiple comments" and be Comments' instead?

A second part to this, instead of making another question.

If an apostrophe is in fact needed, would referring to a user's section?

i.e., Ralph's Comment's section...

I'm just curious if you could do 2 words in a row with apostrophes.


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Here "comments section" is just acting as a compound noun. It's the section for comments, much like the "news section" is for news or the "entertainment section" is for entertainment. That being said, "comments' section" is still correct and would mean roughly the same thing, it's just not common usage. "Comment's section" should be reserved to a section that belongs to a single comment.

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