I can't find any definition about this word. Does anybody knows what does it mean? Maybe some kind of drugs?

Here are the opening lines of the song in question:

Hey, mister policeman

I don't want no trouble

I just wanna drop my jiggelin' down to the floor

Hey, mister policeman

Why you wanna holla at me?

I just wanna drop my jiggelin' down to the floor

According to the Wikipedia article about her, Eva Simons "is a Dutch vocalist, songwriter and occasional actor," raised in Amsterdam.

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    @Araucaria If you're dancing, partying, having a good time, jigglin' what your momma gave you, and a cop rolls up, maybe you'd feel inclined to drop said jigglers down on the floor, so as not to draw the attention or ire of the one time? – Dan Bron Jul 5 '16 at 15:01
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I think that jiggelin' is a contraction of "jiggling buttocks" - "jiggling" being similar in meaning to "wobbling".


 To move or rock lightly up and down or to and fro in an unsteady, jerky manner

So, the speaker is saying that she simply wants to lower her jiggling backside (or perhaps her jiggling body as a whole) towards the floor (eg the dance floor of a nightclub), presumably as a dance move - ie, that she simply wants to go dancing.

She is finding the conversation with the policeman frustrating, as it is preventing her from reaching the aforementioned night club, where she can proceed with the "jiggelin'".

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