I am applying for a new job; I currently work in my family-owned F&B firm. Now, in the job portal, there is a column where I have to mention my current company. I don't want to give the name of my firm as it is not well-known and also, it is not in the same domain as the job I am applying for.

I have currently put down "Own F&B establishment" in the column. But the "own" part seems kind of odd to me. Is there any other word or phrase that I can use instead, which would indicate I am not just working there, but am a stakeholder.


Say that you're "currently running the family business".
This means that you're a stakeholder in that business and that you work there.

Family businessBusiness Dictionary

Company owned by one or more family members. In some cases, a family business may be owned by more than one family.


verb 6. (with object) Be in charge of; manage

"Andrea runs her own catering business"
(as adjective, in combination -run) "an attractive family-run hotel"


Currently working in Closed corporation or Private corporation/company also works. see here

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