I always feel like I pick the wrong "recycle"-based word. When do I use what?

Confusing examples:

  • Is it a recycle bin, recycles bin, recycling bin?
  • Do I take the recycles out or the recycling out?
  • Is it recycling day or recycles day?

Especially in contrast to "garbage" and the analogous forms of garbage in the above examples.

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    I prefer recycling on all counts – user180089 Jun 29 '16 at 19:02

According to its Wikipedia article, it's either a recycle bin or a recycling bin. However, I personally have heard people say recycle bin more often, especially when referring to the digital type.

As a noun - meaning the papers themselves - I say "recycling." It seems gramatically similar to the word "stuffing." So I'd take the recycling out.

According to the city of New York's official website, it would be called recycling day.

  • the Wikipedia article says "A recycling bin is a container used to hold recyclables". Seems like that article (and a few it links to) prefer "Recyclables" as the noun. "Take the recyclables out to the recycling bin on recycling day"? – Brad Jun 29 '16 at 20:08

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