What do you call somebody who can read but cannot write?

I found the term semiliterate, the Free Dictionary says

  1. Having achieved an elementary level of ability in reading and writing.

But Oxford Dictionaries defines it as

semi-literate: Unable to read or write with ease or fluency; poorly educated:

I want a word that means a person who only knows how to read. Is there such a word?

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    Definitely a duplicate. Agraphic seems the best choice.
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I don't think there is any specific word but there are three that come close enough:

  1. A dysgraphic is someone who has difficulty in writing, but may still be able to write.
  2. A completely paralysed literate is someone who can read but cannot move any part of his body and thus, cannot be said to be able to write, at least not physically.
  3. Find someone you know who can read but cannot write. His or her name is the one you are looking for.

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