Need a proper adjective that can be used to call a trait when a person consciously lacks self-control/discipline while trying avoid certain things.

A simple example could be a person trying to wake up early in the morning but never considers it being important knowing the benefits of such a trait.


I would propose the common vernacular "Slacker". One who "slacks" takes a non-committal and uninvolved procrastination, or denial of responsibility to the level that it is perceived as a personality flaw.

Not to be confused with "Lazy", a "Slacker" is able to improve, but prefers the conscious choice of 'Slack'. Additionally, 'Slack' sometimes requires more effort than acceptance of responsibility.

Example: "He often spent more time slacking, dodging bill collectors and fabricating excuses than he would have spent working at a decent job..."

  • Exactly what I was looking for!
    – Inian
    Jun 24 '16 at 6:29

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